Friday, November 7, 2014

Planning for Rental Property Maintenance

Rental property maintenance, three little words that have been known to strike fear into the heart of residential investment property owners.   Investment property owners understand the benefits of a well maintained rental property, higher rents, shorter vacancy time, more qualified tenants and fewer turnovers. 

Assured Management also understands the value of a well maintained rental property.  Part of the service we provide to owners of the properties we manage is to only use vendors who carry proper liability insurance and are willing to sign Assured Management’s Vendor Agreement.  By signing our Vendor Agreement they agree to abide by all Federal, State and local laws, maintain applicable insurance and licensing as well as treat the tenant and your investment property with respect. 

It is a good idea to save for planned and unexpected maintenance expenses, but the problem is in knowing how much to save.  Assured Management can give you an idea of the cost of planned improvements.

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